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How do the Nanodegrees work?

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    Choose your Nanodegree

    Each program is designed to push your career forward. Visualize your perfect job and choose your path.

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    Receive support and evaluations immediately

    Learn valuable skills taught by the most valuable hiring companies, and receive an online certification that its recognized by them.

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    Get a valuable degree

    Our student services and career support teams work together to make sure you'll go beyond.


What is a Nanodegree Program?

A Udacity Nanodegree® Program is a unique online educational offering designed to bridge the gap between learning and career goals. We partner with industry leaders and experts who understand the what skills are in demand in the applicable job market. Students enroll in a specific course offering (e.g. Intro to Programming) and will be prompted to view the online course as well as complete a series of projects and support courses designed to help them develop job-relevant skills and build a portfolio to show prospective employers. Services related to educational program may include classroom mentorship, moderated forums, and project reviews ensure a personalized experience. Additional or different services may be offered in certain Nanodegree Programs which will be set forth in the applicable Program Details.

Will I earn a credential upon completing the requirements of a Nanodegree program?

Yes. After successfully completing a Nanodegree program, provided you have complied with all of our policies, and upon providing us identity verification documentation through NetVerify, you will receive a credential of completion for the applicable Nanodegree program. Please keep in mind that some Nanodegree programs are offered in multiple terms and you will must complete all terms for those programs to be eligible to receive a credential of completion for those Nanodegree programs. As well, Udacity is a private online education provider that is not accredited and does not confer any degrees.

Which Udacity Nanodegree program should I take?

Each Nanodegree program we offer is designed to help you achieve goals, meet objectives, and succeed in your life and career. Whether you have a specific job in mind, or want to learn specific skills, the best way to decide is to envision your desired outcome, and then select the path that will get you there. Sometimes this is easy—you want to build Android apps, you take the Android Developer program! But if you’re not sure, we can guide you in the right direction. Our blog is a great resource for career pathing, and you can always email us at We’ll learn about your interests, your goals, and your experience, and make personalized recommendations on the best ways to move forward.

I’ve never programmed before. Can I still take a Nanodegree program?

Yes! Our goal is to provide exactly the right learning experience for every student, and we offer several online programs for beginners that require no programming experience whatsoever. Each of these programs will equip you with foundational skills. In addition, they will help prepare you for an eventual career in technology, and/or allow you to enroll in a more advanced career-track Nanodegree program. Just go to our catalog, and filter for beginner!